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Together We Can Achieve

It was developed for children aged 5 - 16, and is located at Westfield School. The School operates between the hours of 10.00 am and 1.00 pm each Saturday during term time.

These two subjects therefore form the foundation around which the curriculum of the School is built. The School is organised, managed and staffed by qualified and practising teachers, parents and helpers, with the support of and African Caribbean Development worker. Parents and other interested individuals area encouraged to participate and assist the School in any way possible.


In pursuing these objectives the School aims to contribute to enhancing the academic performance of African and Caribbean children, through complementing what the children are doing in their mainstream schools, without competing with the mainstream schools. The School recognises the need for for African Caribbean children to be confident and competent in the basics of the educational system, namely English and Mathematics.

TACEP was started in September 1995 as a voluntary group for and run by African and Caribbean Elders. The group offers culturally sensitive and appropriate services to its members to assist in enhancing the quality of their lives.

The African and Caribbean Carers Support Group has been in existence for three years - the first as a voluntary concern and since then funded through the Central Carers Grant. The work is carried out with support from Herts Social Services for Carers in Herts.


To meet the differing needs of the members of the African and Caribbean community, a number of projects have been set up.

Social and cultural events are an important part of African and Caribbean Life, where music, food, dance and the opportunity to make new friends is created. Our social and cultural activities are unique and diverse, including: cultural Exhibitions, Public Performances, End of year parties, Anniversary celebrations and Black history month activities. We also organise trips, tours as well as other educational social gathering such as Quiz nights and Christmas concert.

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